Bitter Pills

Yes, Bitter Pills was a bar, but it was not only a bar. Bitter Pills was the place for queer and non conforming friends and allies, to gather, talk, mourn and rejoice. As the only queer bar in Stockholm it was devastating when it closed down. The safe space that Bitter Pills was left a hole, an empty space in the hearts of the humans that made it what it was. Not alone, but far to obvious, queer spaces don’t belong to the neoliberal housing market, where tendands have more rights then culture - ie culture that don’t produce or is driven by cold cash. 


We have to insist on safe spaces, practice and invite through sharing our stories and by creating new ones. 


Bitter Pills was run by Lotta Nordlander and Anna Ekenfors, and together with the amasing crew Hanna Pettersson, Samuel Girma, Sara Jansson, Hanna Nygårds, Vincent Durant, Pontus Pettersson, Erik Sermoneta and Niklas Janzon and many more, created something out of the ordinary.  MWF is very proud and happy to invite Bitter Pills to the festival as the bar will resurrect and once again be that triumphant place where we can laugh, cry, drink and share our stories. 

Illustrations by Channa Bianca  + Graphic design by Sara Kaaman