Wild Voyage

Wild Voyage is your commute bus to HALLEN in Farsta, departing from Götgatan 100. Wild Voyage is your peppride to the festival, each day with different invited people hosting a different take on what this wild voyage can be, come take a ride with us!

Wild Voyage #1 12/9 18.30 - Departing from the memory and legacy of the bar Bitter Pills, Samuel Girma joins MWF in the socialness of a quiz. 


How does precarious life form alliances with each other? What and where are the spaces for misfits and the non-conforming friends and allies? With history being written and will keep writing, can this quiz not only be a fun game (with chances to win great prices!) but a collective remembering of those who went before us. Samuel Girma is an aktivist, curator, and co-founder of Black Queers Sweden.

About Samuel Girma

Samuel Girma is a curator och activist. Currently Samuel is part of CinemAfrica Film Festival team and is co-founder of the anti-racist, intersectional and feminist movement and platform Black Queers Sweden. Born and raised in Ethiopia Samuel moved to Sweden at the age of 13. Much Samuels work, art and writing departs from the migrational process and what it does with people. Samuel Girma's activism and work is inspired by a decolonial process and free from white gaze.  

Wild Voyage #2 13/9 18.30 - Body knowledge - how bodies make a difference and the hierarchy of the senses lecture by Maria Lönn.

How do people make the difference between people, are we conscious when we do it? Are there smells that mark difference and what are the sounds of the stranger? Maria Lönn is a doctor of gender science and is interested in the hidden knowledge and habits of the living body, and how it relates to gender, sexuality and race. In her lecture "Body knowledge - how bodies make a difference and about the hierarchy of the senses", she discusses how the body's motoric  and habits are never just an innocent affair.

About Maria Lönn

Maria Lönn completed her PhD in gender science with her thesis "Broken whiteness" in which she investigated how notions of Russian femininity are linked to ideas of time and modernity. Right now, she is working on the research project " Decolonizing Phenomenologies ", in which she looks at how Russian opera and ballet structure the fantasy of" the barbarian from the east "through sounds and movements .

Wild Voyage 14/9 15.00 - Cajsa Godeé and Sepideh Khodarahmi (Analkollaps)


In this wild voyage we invite you into the scrumptious world of Analkollaps; the worlds’ only cake sitting performance company (that we know of). Sepideh and Cajsa will guide you through a bumpy cake-make and bake while casually chatting about how their cake-sitting interest began, how they explore sexual fantasies, lust driven performance, sensory experiences and much more. They are interested in creating a social and cozy atmosphere where conversations can happen. The bus is planned to make a quick pit stop on the way for “refuelling” in true Analkollaps spirit. 

About Cajsa Godeé

Cajsa’s work frequently features amateur dancing, cake-sitting, and funk music and she is often drawn to exploring sexuality through a queer experience. Hir work is performed on stages and clubs as well as public spaces. Cajsa prefers to work in groups where many different experiences come together and converse. She started hir dancing in the Swedish street dance community in 2007 where she became especially involved in the street dance style Locking. She entered the battle scene and eventually became part of different street dance groups, like What came out of the Mothership, Swedish Family and ATATA. Cajsa is a co-choreographer and performer in the dance and performance group JUCK (thrust) that works with expanding perspectives on femininity and gender through an intersectional feminist perspective. In 2019 Cajsa completed her Bachelor in Dance, Context and Choreography at the Art University of Berlin.

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Illustrations by Channa Bianca  + Graphic design by Sara Kaaman