Michele Rizzo - Prospect <E V A>

Prospect <E V A> is an immersive audio and performative set up which stems directly out of SPACEWALK, a performance made by Michele in 2017.

In Prospect <E V A> a number of performers inhabit the floor of HALLEN and by means of a detailed choreography of hands aim to reach out towards  an ulterior space, in which unknown forces and laws manifest and determine the dance of their arms. While the music of Billy Bulltheel guides the performers in this journey,  the movement acts as a gateway between the physical space of HALLEN and the boundless space of their imagination. 

The title of the work refers to the extra-vehicular activities of the cosmonauts immersed in the cosmic void, which are compared to the autotelic movements reproduced by the dancers.

The choreographic landscape is offered to the audience with the invitation  to navigate and co-create the hybridity of the performance, which is presented as a space existing in its own right. 


Performance date: 14/9 16.00


Choreography: Michele Rizzo

Performance: Wilma Maunula, Sonja Karoliina Aaltonen, Daphne Giannikopoulou, Wilma Seppälä, Cilia Herrmann, Natalia Drozd, Taika Rautiainen, Jane Sievänen, Heta Asikainen, Mariê Mazer, Sigrid Sjöholm, Arttu Halmetoja, Viktorija Ambrazaité, Veslemöy Frengstad

Music: Billy Bultheel

Technical crew: Jonatan Winbo, Foad Arbabi (MWF)


Michele Rizzo (b. 1984), Italian choreographer based in Amsterdam, graduated in 2011 at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO), and in 2015 at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam in the Dirty Art Department Master program for visual arts. Since 2017 he is cofounder of the choreographic platform DANSCO Amsterdam, the art and dance space Jacuzzi Amsterdam, and he is a GRIP supported artist. 

His work has been shown throughout Europe in venues such as, among others, URB Festival, Helsinki; Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis; La Briqueterie, Paris; Santarcangelo Festival, Rimini; Short Theater, Rome; Festival DDD, Porto; CAMPO, Ghent; Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, Milan; Koreja, Lecce; Fierce Festival, Birmingham; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and over sea at Actoral, Montreal; Galleria Vermelho, São Paulo. 

His work HIGHER xtn. has been acquired by the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam in 2019.

He has participated to artistic residencies at Q21 Museum Quarter in Vienna, and Live Works Centrale Fies in Trento.

He is a regular guest teacher in choreography and movement research at the SNDO in Amsterdam, and has thought workshops at, among others, Impulstanz Vienna, ISAC Bruxelles, Studio 303 Montreal. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Luca Ghedini

Illustrations by Channa Bianca  + Graphic design by Sara Kaaman